What We Do

Seismic Solutions is a design-build contractor specializing in liquefaction mitigation. Our company is responsible for the introduction, development and implementation of the Earthquake Drain system as it is currently used in the United States.   

Incorporated in 2000, Seismic Solutions has designed and installed Earthquake Drain systems on more than three hundred projects. We have saved owners more than $100,000,000 in site development costs compared to traditional liquefaction mitigation techniques.   

Seismic Solutions works with owners, architects and engineers at the design stage to establish if liquefaction is a concern. We can assist in evaluating liquefaction’s impact on proposed structures and to determine if Earthquake Drains are the appropriate solution for the project. On projects where Earthquake Drains have already been specified, Seismic Solutions has the knowledge to provide the most economical design and the experience to complete the project in the shortest duration.

Seismic Solutions:

  • Developed and named the process as it is used today 
  • Authored the Earthquake Drain specifications that are currently used in industry 
  • Key personnel have over fifty years of combined Earthquake Drain experience  
  • Has designed and installed more than ten times the Earthquake Drain projects of all competitors combined


Earthquake Drains have been used successfully on projects across all sectors of construction. It is likely that Seismic Solutions has designed and installed an Earthquake Drain system on a project very similar to the one you are currently evaluating.

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Thank you for your interest in liquefaction and Earthquake Drains. The simple animations below explain the liquefaction phenomenon, the use of Earthquake Drains for liquefaction mitigation and the research supporting this rapidly expanding technology.