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Recent international earthquakes have demonstrated the devastation that liquefaction can cause. Local and national government agencies have realized that our current infrastructure is not sufficiently protected from this phenomenon and that a significant seismic event will likely cause catastrophic roadway, power generation and wastewater treatment failures.

In the mid 2000’s, Seismic Solutions began working closely with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to evaluate Earthquake Drains as a viable liquefaction mitigation alternative to stone columns and deep foundations. Because of the low cost, shortened construction time and reduced environmental impact, the SCDOT chose to specify Earthquake Drains for their new projects and emergency bridge repairs.

Seismic Solutions has designed and installed drain systems on scores of infrastructure projects ranging from bridges and interchanges to wastewater treatment plants and power-generating facilities.

A small sample of our infrastructure projects are listed below:

  • ACE Basin Parkway – US 17 (Six Bridges and Interchange over 21-Mile Stretch) 
  • Berkeley Electric Cooperative – Awendaw, South Carolina 
  • US 17 – Hungry Neck Boulevard Interchange – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 
  • South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G/SCANA) – North Charleston, South Carolina 
  • US 76 Bridge Replacement – Sumter, South Carolina 
  • 3M Gallon Stuart Street Water Tank – Charleston Water System 
  • Carolina Bays Parkway (SC-31) – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 
  • Hanahan Water Treatment Plant – Berkeley County, South Carolina 
  • US 378 Bridge Replacements (Four Bridges from Wateree River to Beech Creek) 
  • Daniel Island Waste Water Treatment Plant – Daniel Island, South Carolina 
  • US 41 Bridge Replacement – Marion County, South Carolina 
  • West Georgetown Waste Water Treatment Facility – Georgetown, South Carolina 
  • Alberbotti Creek Bridge Replacement – US 21 – Beaufort, South Carolina 
  • SC-7/CSXT Railroad Bridge Replacement – Charleston, South Carolina 
  • Abbapoola Creek Bridge Replacement – Johns Island, South Carolina 
Carolina Bays Parkway
Hanahan Waste Water Treatment Plant
US-378 Bridge Replacements


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